Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Craft Segment

Wow. Can we ignore the fact that I have not updated my blog in over a year. I think we all make excuses...I don't have time, I have too many things to do. And I guess to a certain extent they are all valid points; we all live busy lives sometimes. But, I need to find the time to do things I enjoy; I need to make the time.

Anyway...I have not stopped crafting. In fact, I do a weekly craft segment on TV! I started the segment back in September 2011. It started as an every other week segment on Monday's and is now a weekly segment. I have really enjoyed them. The segments are a mash up of creative ideas from all over. I don't claim all the ideas as my own, though I try to put my own twist on the ideas. I have a youtube channel that houses all the videos. Check them out!

Here is the most recent. Hopefully I will start posting them weekly. This video is an Easter Garland and Easter Egg Tree. Let me know what you think!