Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knitting like a mad woman!

Do you ever pick up a craft you haven't done in a while and forget how much you love it? I have rediscovered my love of knitting in the past couple months, partially due to the awesome knitting group I go to every Wednesday. I discovered it on Ravelry, and have been going for a month or two now. 

The first project I completed was the "Love Muff" from Knitting MochiMochi. It was a fun project, and a lot easier than I thought it would be. Sometimes I think we all find mental road blocks that stop us from doing things and getting over the road blocks is refreshing. The road block on this project was the color change. I didn't want to weave in all the ends. But I discovered you can carry the yarn up the stripes; just be careful to keep the carried yarn loose or it will pucker.

Next, I worked on a project for my dad, a Ron Weasley hat. This project was very intimidating; I thought color work would be impossible and i could never learn how to do it. But I did it! I have never been so proud of a project. I didn't come without trials though. The pattern called for size 6 needles for a woman's medium hat. Of course, I thought, surely my dad's head is much bigger so I should go up a size in needles (size nine to be exact). Wrong! It was way to big. I tried several different needles before I finally went with what the pattern called for. Lesson learned, gauge is important...use the right size needle.
Once the hat was done, the edge curled a bit so I knit a white liner for the inside. The liner also hid all the carried yarn. My dad loves the hat. I think this is a project Mrs. Weasley would be proud of.