Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Part 2

Wow. I thought having a month long Halloween segment would help me post regularly, guess not. But I am posting now so that's something. I just want to apologize in advance for the bad quality of some of the photos. All pictures are from before the miracle of the digital camera.

Ghost Busters Rock! This was a cool costume. My mom took a simple jump suit patten and turned it into the coolest ghost busters costume ever. It has a velcro panel in the front, when pulled down, reveled insides (ie bones, heart, etc.). The costume was basically a ghost dressed up as a ghost buster. I wish I had a picture of the panel, so you could see what I am talking about. My mom made the ghost buster symbol out of felt. Bro even had a proton pack. My dad took a toy proton pack similar to this one, and painted it to make it look more authentic. Of course, I can't find any pics of it. Its frustrating when I know I have pics of all of the costumes and accessories but can't find them. I bet Nov 1st I will find all the pictures I am looking for :0P

Little Mermaid Costume. I have a hard time deciding which of my Halloween costumes is my favorite, but this one is high on the list. I am not sure what year this costume is, but I think I'm in second grade because that is when I cut my own hair. It was really long. Ok on to the costume. The tail had a metallic looking green mesh. It really made the tail shimmer. I also like the fake rhinestones my mom used for the jewelry. And of course there is a Crown. Almost all of my costumes had a crown.

Prince and Princess Costumes! I don't know what year this is from either. I guess my parents didn't think to put the years on the back of pictures. But its cool that my bro and I had a theme. Easier for mom! We loved to play with the horses long after Halloween was over. What was cool about these costumes was the two for one deal. Not only were you a princess or prince, but a horse too! I liked the horses because they had elastic so they stayed around our waists without us having to hold them. I think if they had been stick horses we wouldn't want to carry them while trick or treating. I really like my bros, the silver material really looks like armor. He even has a helmet!

This is a pumpkin my dad carved. Probably the same year my bro was a Ghostbuster. I can't remember what we used for the arms. I think we used ping pong balls for the eyes.

Here is the side view of the princess costume. Till Next time.

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