Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On my desk... and This is....

On my desk... and This is....( I know its cheating)
This was supposed to be my Sunday entry for this is...but I never had time to finish it. So you could say this post was a work in progress! And since I know I probably won't get around to posting my On my desk, I am going to cheat and use this post as both. I know I'm bad.
This is...My works in progress and On my desk....

First wip....
A pillowcase. I am doing a dessert (side note: desert, gets me every time...very confusing) theme. This is the first time I used the iron on transfers. Before, I was tracing the transfers with a water soluble pen. I like the iron ons...but my lines did not transfer well they are a little wonky. I think it is because I didn't tack the transfer down; I tried to hold it in place with my fingers (I almost ironed myself). Next time I will tack it down and hopefully the pattern will stay in place better. I have not tested to see if the transfer ink washes out, but the lines are small and the stitching covers them well.

Second wip...
The beginnings of a fall wreath! I am excited about this one. I want my wreath to be simple and elegant. Fake flowers are not my cup of tea (silk plastic ones, that try to mimic the real thing), so this wreath will be embellished with buttons and felt leaves.

Third wip...
A scarf. This is turning out different than my original idea, but I like it. The main part of the scarf is butter think that's what they called it at the fabric shop, I don't remember. I used my new found skills with my darning foot to machine quilt the scarf. Then added the apple with my new felting tool...but that is for another post. The quilt batting I used for the inside is making the scarf stiffer than expected. But maybe after it is washed, it will soften up. If not, its OK...I wanted this scarf to be more of a statement piece anyway.

Last but not least...Crochet Flowers
Have you ever wanted to start a project but though "there's no way I could do that"? That's what I thought about crochet flowers. I have known how to crochet since grade school. I may not be able to crochet a sweater, but I know my way around a ball of yarn. But for years I thought flowers would be really hard. Turns out there not. Once I mastered the magic ring (my saving grace found here). Now I've been crocheting this little guys like crazy. No idea what I'm going to do with them. But I like the satisfaction of completing something once thought impossible. I used a great tutorial found here.

That's it for today. Till next time.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Spell with Flicker

This is a fun program. It grabs flicker images to spell words. Find it here.
CR A28 Brass Letter F t- Y D O O Bead Letter D A24 Dismantled Neon Letter s-ca

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cool Wreath

Wanted to share another wreath I found. What a cool way to display toys. I could see some one doing this with their chidren's first toys! How cool would it look in a child's room. I want one of my one.

My crazy crafty world

Does anyone else find it hard to focus on just one project. I have, it seems like, a million craft projects going at once.
I have chairs to finish reupholstering. I have embroidery projects, crocheting, sewing, Christmas stuff (I know its early but it pays to plan ahead), resin pendants, scrabble tile necklaces, and more. And now I have another project/ craft I want to do. I should be banned from flickr so I don't find more crafts I want to try.

Back story: Soon,I am moving out of my parents house and into my own apartment. I've been thinking about how to decorate and decided I wanted to make a wreath for my front door.

So off to flickr I skiped to look for ideas:

wonderful wreaths uploaded by: Roxy Creations

Here is a montage of some really cool wreaths. I have a lot of ideas for mine. I want to do one for fall and one for Christmas. I can just imagine one hanging on my front door. I hope to find alot of things I need for this project at yard sales and op shops. I want to make a ornament wreath for Christmas and I'm sure I can find a lot of ornaments at yard sales!

WOo new project (like I really need another one)!!!! ;o)