Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What I'm working on...

Latley I've been thinking a lot about my future apartment. Yes, I am leaving the nest and flying on my own soon. I have mixed feelings about it; but I know I have to venture on my own. Anyway, I know most apartments don't let you paint so I need cool wall art to offset the bland walls. So here it is my cool wall art!

It's inspired by the button collages I have seen on ETSY. I love making them so far I have two made...but I haven't had time to take a pic of the second. They are super easy to make and quick too. The hoops are 4 inches, I think. I was lucky to find them at a yard sale! I also have two 10 inch hoops for button collages also from yard sales. Come to think of it most of the buttons came from yard sales. This one is a seahorse under-the-sea theme, the pink buttons are supposed to represent coral.

I want to make several in different sizes to hang in a cluster on my walls. I will probably find cordinating ribbon to hang them all with. I can't decide if I want to hang them with all the same ribbon or different ribbons. I guess I'll decdide when I make more.

Button collages are a good way to use your button collection. And if you are like me you have a lot and can't part with any of them.

I still need ideas for easy art for my walls. If you have any ideas for me leave me a comment.

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kawaii crafter said...

I like how you incorporated the buttons with the needlepoint, adds a whole new dimension to the piece