Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bowling = fun!

Its funny how something that I am bad at, can be so much fun.

Take bowling for instance.

I suck at highest score ever is 100. But...I love to bowl. Its a conundrum.

Rolling a 10lb ball down a lane to knock over pins...watching your carefully placed ball land in the gutter at the last second. It is all frustrating, but a good frustrating (if that is even possible).

And when your ball finally hits some pins you jump up and down in victory. it was only 3 pins, don't steal my thunder.

Wearing shoes that probably 100 other people have worn.

Searching the entire place for the perfect ball (a blue sparkly one!).

Rolling a granny ball to see how long it takes to get to the pins.

I have never had so much fun doing something I am bad at.

High score this week end = 73.
Fun score = of the charts.

Some times its not about winning, its about having fun with friends. Rejoicing for the small victories in life. Like hitting a strike when all of your other tries where in the gutter.

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mill said...

haha I love bowling but suck at it too - although I got a strike once - it was a miracle (read: fluke) ;) It's funny cos my mum and dad used to compete in bowling comps. I guess the bowling gene wasn't passed on to me!