Thursday, July 31, 2008

On My Desk

On my desk this week...

More Button Art! The top on is a hello kitty design. She is holding a spoon and wearing a chef hat. The Bottom on is a robot holding a balloon. Click the pic for a closer look.

Underneath the button art is another pillowcase I am working on. This time for me. I am using Aunt Martha Patterns. All Desert themed. I'll be dreaming about cupcakes and candy with this pillow.

Next is a flour sack tea towel for my grand mother. More Aunt Martha patterns. I love the retro 50's look of the animated kitchen ware.

And last but not least... a quilted purse I am working on. The fabric is fabulous...a Disney princess design but its in a subtle white and lavender. Its for a friends b-day. It late of course. I have a lot of trouble getting handmade presents done in time. I really need to work on things way in advance. :o(

This purse has been giving me problems thought. I started out quilting it with a normal presser foot but it was pushing the top fabric out of whack. I ripped out all of the stitches and tried using my new darning foot. Which worked a lot better. Except it is hard to make straight lined. Now I realize I need a walking foot. I went to buy one yesterday but the store was sold out. Just my luck. Guess I'll have to continue using the darning foot for now. Though, I think all of the line stiching is complete. Any more quilting on the purse I can do designs.

To play along...Kootoyoo.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is...what makes me happy

This is...
Whoo! I finally remembered to post my this is this week.
So here it is...
This is what makes me happy.
Flowers in the spring time...


Amusement Parks in the summer...

My Family...

IF you want to participate in this is head on over to Three Buttons

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whoo!! The X-Files: I want to believe

I don't know about any of you. But I am super excited that the new X-Files movie is comming out soon! I am counting down the days and trying to think of a craft I can make that is x-files related. I think I am going to make a fake badge and name tag to where to the movie!! Any other sugestions?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bowling = fun!

Its funny how something that I am bad at, can be so much fun.

Take bowling for instance.

I suck at highest score ever is 100. But...I love to bowl. Its a conundrum.

Rolling a 10lb ball down a lane to knock over pins...watching your carefully placed ball land in the gutter at the last second. It is all frustrating, but a good frustrating (if that is even possible).

And when your ball finally hits some pins you jump up and down in victory. it was only 3 pins, don't steal my thunder.

Wearing shoes that probably 100 other people have worn.

Searching the entire place for the perfect ball (a blue sparkly one!).

Rolling a granny ball to see how long it takes to get to the pins.

I have never had so much fun doing something I am bad at.

High score this week end = 73.
Fun score = of the charts.

Some times its not about winning, its about having fun with friends. Rejoicing for the small victories in life. Like hitting a strike when all of your other tries where in the gutter.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On my desk...

On my desk...
Another button art collage! This time an owl embroidery with blue buttons. I am excited about these button collages I really think they will look good hanging on my walls. This one still needs the fabric glued to the back.

Button Brooches! I bought a great bag of scrap ribbon. It has really awesome patterned ribbon and some great basic ribbon. I think I am going to make key fobs with some of it.

Reversible Headband! This is the first head band I've made. They turned out pretty well. I love the fabric. Both came from a yard sale. I really like sailor themed items. And It seems to be really in style.

If you want to join "on my desk" head over to kootoyoo

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What I'm working on...

Latley I've been thinking a lot about my future apartment. Yes, I am leaving the nest and flying on my own soon. I have mixed feelings about it; but I know I have to venture on my own. Anyway, I know most apartments don't let you paint so I need cool wall art to offset the bland walls. So here it is my cool wall art!

It's inspired by the button collages I have seen on ETSY. I love making them so far I have two made...but I haven't had time to take a pic of the second. They are super easy to make and quick too. The hoops are 4 inches, I think. I was lucky to find them at a yard sale! I also have two 10 inch hoops for button collages also from yard sales. Come to think of it most of the buttons came from yard sales. This one is a seahorse under-the-sea theme, the pink buttons are supposed to represent coral.

I want to make several in different sizes to hang in a cluster on my walls. I will probably find cordinating ribbon to hang them all with. I can't decide if I want to hang them with all the same ribbon or different ribbons. I guess I'll decdide when I make more.

Button collages are a good way to use your button collection. And if you are like me you have a lot and can't part with any of them.

I still need ideas for easy art for my walls. If you have any ideas for me leave me a comment.